How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

In order to increase our faith in Jesus Christ, we must be willing to sacrifice our time and talents to learn of Him, therefore consecrating ourselves before God. The word "faith" implies much more than simply a belief. Rather, it is an action that we perform in order to show our desire to serve the Savior. In John 7:17, we read: "If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself." Similarly, in the Book of Mormon, we learn that we must "experiment upon the word" to gain a knowledge of the truth. There are many honorable ways to increase our faith in Jesus Christ, but those often come back to the following: Reading and pondering the word of God, praying to our Father in Heaven, and attending church services. Each of these allow us to learn of Him, grasp an understanding of His doctrine, and receive answers to the questions that fill our hearts. As we apply the things that we learn, we will see our faith increase, and our desires to serve God will be strengthened.

How do you increase your muscle mase? You work out, eat healthy, keep your mind sharpe, and do things right and correctly. Same thing is with our faith in Jesus Christ. We need to use our faith in Him. We do that by doing what he has asked us to do, and follow His example in all things. We will not know what life holds for us until we go and do things to expand our knowledge. The same thing is with faith. Try accomplishing one of His commandments, and see the miricles and blessings and knowledge from doing it.

Faith preceeds miracles. Faith without works is dead. In order to increase one's faith, they must seek out the truth and then ask Heavenly Father if it is true and then act on that faith. This is a continuing process. It is like increasing in knowledge, at least for me, when I am taught something I have to decide if it is something that I believe, if it is correct and if it is then I have to practice or act, by teaching it to someone else and by spending time with it so that it will be solid in my mind. I also have to keep learning and asking questions and seeking out answers to my questions or my knowledge will atrophy, or I will forget. Faith preceeds miracles. Faith without works is dead. Read the Book of Mormon, ask questions that you have a sincere desire to know, pray with faith and real intent to Heavenly Father, asking if these things are true, and then act on what you receive.

This information is from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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